Upcoming Projects

Below are some upcoming projects for our department


After completing this project, Flour Bluff Junior High students will have access to the Office365 suite of applications.  This will be tied to their accounts, and they will have the ability to install Office on up to 5 devices at home.

Teachers will be able to use Microsoft Classroom, OneNote, and Teams to assign and collect work.  Students will also be able to collaborate on documents with their peers.

Please click here to learn more about using Office 365 with your class:  https://preview.education.microsoft.com/en-us


In an effort to double-down and fortify cybersecurity in our environment, we will be implementing Two-Factor authentication for all staff Office365 accounts.  This is another layer of security that takes place after a password is entered to access an account.  This will apply to Office365 accounts.

After a staff member logs into an Office365 product for the first time (after 2FA is enabled), they will be prompted to provide a phone number that will be used for further authentication in the future.  This means both your password and a code that is sent to your phone will be required for future logins.  This code will be required every 60 days for right now.  Further adjustments to this experience will be made as time goes on and feedback is collected.

Please reach out to us if you need further explanation or details.

The following campus staff have been completed (as of 02/13/2020):

  • ECC
  • Primary
  • Elementary
  • Junior High

Completed (November 2019)

A framework will be implemented to allow for easy provisioning of licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud products.  Adobe’s named licensing provides each student and/or staff member with 2 concurrent licenses.  The licenses are user-based and will be tied in to Office365.  This will also allow students and/or staff to install the full suite of Creative Cloud products at home on their personal computers.

Pending Grant Approval

Campuses will be outfitted with signage displays in front office areas and other key areas.  Signage is controlled through MediaCast and will be customizable by a staff member.  As another layer of security, a special visual “lockdown mode” will be available for emergency purposes.

In-Progress (April 2019)

Complete replacement of aging campus intercom systems at the following campuses:

  • Junior High
  • High School

Past Projects

  • Intermediate PC Refresh (2019)
  • Office365 for HS Students (2019)
  • High School Computer Upgrades (2019)
  • Junior High Computer Upgrades (2019)
  • Primary Computer Upgrades (2019)