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Students having issues submitting assignments in Google Classroom?

Some teachers (and students) have reported that when a student submits an assignment, it gives them an error and shows up as missing on the teacher side.  This would most likely only happen on a computer or Chromebook.  It happens when a student is logged in with both their FBISD account AND their personal Google account (i.e., at the same time.

Google allows you to switch between profiles, but sometimes it mixes things up.  The student will switch to their FBISD account, but then when they submit an assignment, Google attempts to use their personal account, and this is not allowed.

What is the fix?  Students need to click (see screenshot below) on their avatar in the upper-right, and click on “Sign out of all accounts” and then sign back in with their FBISD Google account.  Then try to resubmit the assignment and it should go through.  If you continue to have issues, please contact

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