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Extend or Duplicate Your Display!

Situation:  You walk in to your classroom or office, and your two displays don’t look like what they normally do.  Now what?  This is probably one of the most frequent issues we run into on a daily basis…

[icon name=”exclamation-circle” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]If you don’t want to read, the keyboard shortcut is Windows Key + P

In a classroom, your teacher desktop might be connected to a projector.  If you’re in an office, you might have multiple monitors.  Microsoft Windows provides different display modes for computers with multiple displays.  The two we’re going to deal with are “Duplicate” and “Extend”.

With duplicate mode, whatever is on your main monitor is going to be on your secondary display (projector, TV) at the same time.  If you have a Smartboard or interactive display, you can run your computer while not having to be at the desk.

Duplicate Mode (Click to enlarge)

In extend mode, you literally have a second monitor to do more work or display something different.  Think of it as buying the empty lot next to your home: you now have a yard twice as large!  You might prefer extended mode, for example, if you want to display a daily warm-up exercise on the Smartboard while you work on attendance in Skyward on your main monitor.  Smart Notebook and Smart Ink also work in extended mode.

Extend Mode (Click to enlarge)

“This is all really great, Joseph.  But how do I switch between these modes??”

Answer:  Hold down the Windows Key, press the “P” key, then click on Duplicate or Extend.