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How to Use Google Drive File Stream!

How many of us love the convenience of plugging in a flash drive into a computer and being able to instantly access files we need?  Its so easy, because you plug it in and then open up your “D:” or “E:” drive.  What if I told you you could do the same thing with your Google Drive?

(Spoiler alert: You can!)…

To get started, look for a program called “Software Center” in your start menu

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You will see a list of apps, click on “Google Drive File Stream”, then click on install.

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Sometimes the login box will come up, and sometimes it won’t.  If a Google login screen doesn’t pop-up, click on the Start button (bottom-left) and type “Google Drive File Stream”, then click on the icon to open it.  You will then be asked to login with your Google account.

After you login, its going to look like nothing happened.  But if you open up File Explorer (the folder at the bottom of your screen), look for your “G:” drive; all of your Google Drive files are now easily accessible (see screenshot below)

Some other key benefits of using Google Drive File Stream include:

  • Ability to natively open Microsoft Office files without having to convert them to Google Docs/Sheets/Slides files (yay!)
  • Easier to copy/paste files to and from your computer
  • Keeps you logged in
  • Works just like an external hard drive or flash drive does.


Please reach out to us if you have any issues trying to install Google Drive File Stream or getting logged in with your Flour Bluff ISD Google account.