Tips & Tricks

TNT: Edit a PDF with Microsoft Word!

Many of us have the idea that if we have Adobe Acrobat Pro, we’ll now be able to open a PDF file and freely edit it.  This is unfortunately not entirely true.  If the PDF document was originally created with an Adobe product, then this would apply.  However, most of us create things in Word and then save it as a PDF.


  • At least Microsoft Word 2013On a serious note, if you’re still rocking this version, get with us so we can update it!
  • PDF file that is not complicated – If there are too many graphics and tables, things get complicated. YMMV
  • TimeThis should only take a few minutes to learn.  A 5 minute investment for a lifelong helpful tip!

First, you’ll want to open Microsoft Word.  Next, simply go to File > Open > Browse and go to the folder where your precious PDF file is.  In the bottom right, you’ll see a dropdown box called “File Types”; select “All Files”.  Voila!  Now you can see it!  So click on it and hit “Open”.  At this point, you may see a spinning circle…this is normal.  Word has to “scan” the document.  After a few short moments, you’ll now be able to edit the document and save it in whatever format you prefer (*.docx, *.pdf).